377 chemin Maple
Sutton, QC J0E 2K0
+1 (450) 538-6605

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Weddings, receptions, business meetings...

The majestic settings of the Domaine are a picture-perfect location to organize exceptional events for small and large groups such as weddings, receptions, business meetings or professional seminars. Regardless of you event's duration (one or several days), the Domaine will give you a serene environment, both exclusive and discrete.

Weddings & Receptions

Domaine Tomali-Maniatyn and its 26 acres of land (both fields and woods) offers plenty of space to organize the event of a lifetime: the One Day you want to remember forever. Our reception hall can accommodate up to 110 people. We can also receive up to 200 guests under a tent erected in the garden in front of the Domaine's main building for the occasion.

For this special occasion, we can offer you the exclusivity of the Domaine, including:

  • the reception hall,
  • tables, chairs, plates, cutlery and table linen for your reception,
  • the ballroom,
  • the suites,
  • the swimming-pools and gardens.

We also have a trusted team of barmen and waiters as well as several caterers we work with for these special occasions. We can also, organize a tasting of our caterers' specialties in order for you to compose the menu for your guests.

Business meetings and seminars

The Domaine offers a distinctive setting to gather your employees or customers for a very special off-site meeting, office party, conference or seminar. There are, in fact, countless occasions to enjoy a retreat at the quiet and seclusive Domaine Tomali-Maniatyn. We can accommodate up to 18 people in our suites for an event spanning several days, and even more when considering the other lodging facilities in Sutton.

Our meeting rooms, lounges and terraces are spacious and we provide a vast selection of tailored services that can be adapted to your (marketing) needs:

  • Internet access through wired and wireless network;
  • photocopier, fax and printer;
  • audio and video tools (upon request);
  • catering services;
  • coffee, beverages and snacks...

Being strategically located next to Mount Sutton's hiking and cross-country skiing trails is a tremendous advantage when planning for team-building activities. And of course, the Domaine's indoor and outdoor swimming-pools and vast grounds are always available to relax and linger. We have prepared "all-inclusive" and "à la carte" packages that includes offerings from our local partners (see for example, the list of activities available at Domaine Tomali-Maniatyn and activities nearby).

Weddings and Receptions at Domaine Tomali-Maniatyn - B&B, Sutton, Quebec
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